• Level 2: BOTH Outdoor Herbal Studies & Herbal Diagnostics

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  • Level 2: Outdoor Herbal Studies

    This primarily outdoor class is geared towards the experienced herbalism student with a desire to immerse themselves in our botanical bioregion.

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Welcome to Ginger Webb’s Homepage

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Texas Medicinals Sacred Journey School of Herbalism

Since I began studying herbalism over 20 years ago, I have always had one goal: to contribute to the healing and transformation of the planet by helping people re/connect to the Earth, the plants, and themselves. Whether it is through herbal consultations, teaching, making herbal remedies, or working with others to expand consciousness, my heart is aligned with this greater goal.  Please join me!
~ Ginger


We have been making herbal remedies here in Austin since 1999. We use impeccable ingredients, harvesting much of it ourselves or sourcing it from organic farmers and other trusted colleagues around the country, and always make the remedies in small batches to ensure that artisanal touch. Many local stores including Wheatsville Co-op, The Natural Baby Co., and even a couple of the Whole Foods locations, carry our lines of remedies. Our tinctures have green labels, our kids’ line is purple, and the teas, salves, etc are multi-colored. Look for our products under the names Plant Spirits Apothecary, Happy Mama Herbals, and Remedios Tejanos!

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The focus of our herb school is to provide the foundational education and experience for folks to become herbalists. Each budding herbalist is different, and our school is ideal for those who seek a more holistic perspective on the herbs, but appreciate being grounded in the botany and field identification skills. Several programs are available each year.

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