Classes, Trainings, & Apprenticeships

These are the categories of classes I teach. If there is nothing posted in a section, it’s not currently going on. Stay posted by signing up for the newsletter.


  • Hands-on-Herbals

    • Wild Plant Walks

      • Classes for Health Professionals

        • Herbalist For a Day

          • Happy Mama Classes


            • Little Green Witches

            • Herbalist For a Day

              • Collaborations

                • Apprenticeships


                  • Herb Walks

                    • Neighborhood Herb Walks Whether out in the wild, in your garden, or in the sidewalk cracks, plants are everywhere, growing all around us. I love teaching folks about the plants that they pass everyday. Email me to discuss scheduling an herb walk in your neighborhood! “Wow, Ginger Webb was AWESOME!!!!! We learned so much in a very short amount of time. ...
                  • Family Events