Sacred Journey School of Herbalism

An herbalist is one who lives at the edge of the world of people and the world of the plants. We consider ourselves stewards of the medicinal plants, of the natural world, and of the Earth herself. Herbalists also connect people with plants, by making medicines to help them heal, and by training those who are drawn to learn this sacred craft. It is our sacred joy and honor to do the work we do. The path of the herbalist is, ultimately, a sacred journey.

Sacred Journey School of Herbalism reflects Ginger Webb’s deep love for the plants and for humanity; her study with the late great herbalist Michael Moore; her geeky passion for botany, wild plants, and plant families; her years of experience making plant-based medicines; her reverence for the wisdom of the ancients; and her belief that we all have access to the healing wisdom of the plant world simply by virtue of the fact that we are alive and share consciousness with all life.