40 Tincture Herb Kit


Contains 40 bottles (choose one ounce or two ounce) of single herb tincture custom made by Ginger Webb and Texas Medicinals. Either 40 herbs of your own choosing from our list of 150 (found under “150 Tincture Herb Kit”), OR we will send you our default selection (below).


Product Description


Ambrosia (fresh ragweed leaf)

Amygdalus (fresh peach leaf & twig)

Anemposis (fresh yerba mansa root)

Asclepias asperula (Inmortal)(freshly dried root)

Astragalus (astragalus root)

Avena (fresh milky oat tops)

Capsella* (Shepherd’s Purse)

Ceanothus (red root)

Chilopsis (fresh desert willow leaf & twig)

Cimicifuga (fresh black cohosh rhizome)

Corydalis (fresh corydalis whole plant)

Cratageus (fresh hawthorne berry)

Curcuma (fresh turmeric rhizome)

Echinacea (fresh echinacea root)

Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng root)

Eriodictyon (yerba santa leaf)

Eschscholtzia (fresh California poppy herb & flower)

Galium (fresh cleavers herb)

Ganoderma (Reishi Mushroom)

Juniperus* (Juniper)

Ligusticum (fresh osha root)

Ligustrum* (Privet)

Lycium (fresh wolfberry twig & leaf)

Mahonia (Oregon grape root)

Ocinum (fresh holy basil herb)

Passiflora (fresh passionflower herb & flower)

Phytolacca* (poke Root)

Piper (fresh kava kava root)

Populus (fresh cottonwood leaf & twig)

Ptelea* (Hop Tree)

Rhodiola (rhodiola root)

Schisandra (schisandra berry)

Serenoa (Saw Palmetto)

Silybum (milk thistle seed)

Tanacetum (fresh feverfew herb)

Thuja (Thuja leaf)

Valeriana (valerian root)

Withania (ashwagandha root)


Zingiber (fresh ginger rhizome/root)

Place your order, then Email Ginger to choose herbs.


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