One Year Body-Mind-Spirit Health Package


– one full year of health consultations with herbalist Ginger Webb,
— one in-person consult (1.5 hours, valued at $95) per month [1.5 hour phone consultation for clients outside of Austin],
— phone and email access,
— and custom herbal formulations and preparations (valued monthly between $40- 60). I will custom blend formulas that are specific to your needs, each month.


Product Description

Are you ready to really dive in and adopt a complete, holistic approach to your health and your health care? Have you been hoping to create a relationship with a practitioner who will help you do just this? I am ready to enter that kind of relationship with YOU. I am looking for clients who are ready to jump in and create real wellness, and I will assist you on that path.

This entire package of one full year of holistic herbal care is only $1000. What is the catch? The ONLY catch is that it must be paid up front. That’s it. I am raising money for an exciting project (more about that later!) and am extending great deals to YOU so that I can meet my own goals!

This is a limited time offer, so sign up now. As soon as you do, we will schedule your first appointment and get started. Sounds like a plan? I look forward to hearing from you and spending the next year working together.


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