Sacred journey school of herbalism

Reconnect with nature, your health & community through plant medicine, online and in Austin, TX.


and gain confidence in your relationship to the plant world. Change how you experience nature in your daily life.


the skills to heal yourself and care for loved ones. Discover the bounty of healing medicines in your backyard.


with your ancestral practices, holding the wisdom of ancient traditions within you. Experience herbalism as a form of social justice.

Looking for Texas Medicinals?

Do you feel disconnected from the plant world? Is it time to reclaim that knowledge?

  • You wish you had the knowledge of how to heal yourself and loved ones with plants.
  • The modern healthcare system leaves you feeling alone rather than cared for.
  • You watch herbalist videos on youtube and have a shelf full of books, but the knowledge still feels abstract and hard to apply.
  • You are curious to learn more about the medicinal benefits of plants growing wild right where you live.

There are so many amazing plant allies right here waiting for you.

As herbalists we live at the edge between the world of people and the world of the plants. We are stewards of the medicinal plants, of the natural world, and of the Earth herself. Are you ready?


Begin your journey with herbalism

Our intro courses are a wonderful place to begin your studies or deepen your knowledge if you have already dabbled in herbalism. No prior herbal experience needed. Both live and online courses are available.

evening primrose

Advanced studies & apprenticeships

Fully embody the herbal experiences and plant knowledge you have been building with deeper study, practice, support, and the opportunities for teaching.

prickly pear

Coaching for emerging herbalists

Are you an emerging herbalist who would appreciate the mentorship and guidance of a seasoned community herbalist? Explore mentoring sessions with Ginger.

Ginger Webb, Community Herbalist

Ginger Webb has been deeply immersed in the study of herbs in central Texas for 30+ years and has supported hundreds to reconnect with the plant world as medicine. Since 2012, Sacred Journey School of Herbalism has offered in-depth herbalist programs to interested folx and new herbalists.

The school reflects Ginger’s deep love for the plants and for humanity; her study with the late great herbalist Michael Moore; her nerdy passion for botany, wild plants, and plant families; her years of experience making herbal medicines; her reverence for the wisdom of the ancients; and her belief that we all have access to the healing wisdom of the plant world simply by virtue of the fact that we are alive and share consciousness with all life.

Ginger webb herbalist standing in meadow of flowers

What our herbalism school students have to say:

Free! Wild Green Paste Recipe

Early spring is such a wonderful time to find and harvest a plethora of wild greens in central Texas. Enjoy my favorite recipe for using these wild nutritious plant allies.

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