We are passionate about connecting people with herbs and other wild plants, and empowering a generation of new herbalists.

Foundations of Herbalism is the complete introductory level program offered by Sacred Journey School of Herbalism. There are two courses required to complete the Foundations program: Intro to Herbalism(online) and Wild Texas Herbalism(outdoors).

These courses can be taken in any order, or at the same time! No prior herbal experience is necessary to join us on this journey.



Online via Zoom

These live, interactive lecture-style Zoom classes focus on foundational herbal concepts and tools for understanding plant medicines. Grow in your knowledge through experiential learning, basic physiology, and building a materia medica of over 100 herbs, weaving together our knowledge of both the physical and energetic actions of herbs.

evening primrose


Outdoors in Austin region, TX

We delve into the wild places in central Texas to learn the native and wild flora of our beloved ecosystems. Classes are held in various wild and cultivated places throughout central Texas, all within an hour of central Austin. Our locations include private ranch lands, local and state parks, organic farms and private cultivated gardens.


Save up to $600 when you take both of our intro courses!

WHEN: Sept 10, 2024 - May 4, 2025
PAYMENT PLANS: 6, 8 or 10 monthly installments
*if there are still open spots after July 31st, you may be able to register late

You can take the 2 courses together, or one at a time. Once you complete both courses you will be a graduate of Foundations of Herbalism. This opens the door for you to join our advanced courses including the Herbalist Teaching Apprenticeship program and the Herbalist Clinical Theatre course.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Foundations of Herbalism

Yes! Foundations of Herbalism is designed for folks who are new to herbalism and those who have done some self study or shorter classes. This class gives a well-rounded perspective on many aspects of herbalism. 

TAUGHT BY: Ginger Webb

All classes taught by Austin TX community herbalist Ginger Webb. Ginger has been deeply immersed in the study of herbs in central Texas for 30+ years and has supported hundreds to reconnect with the plant world as medicine. Since 2012, Sacred Journey School of Herbalism has offered in-depth herbalist programs to interested folx and new herbalists.

The school reflects Ginger’s deep love for the plants and for humanity; her study with the late great herbalist Michael Moore; her nerdy passion for botany, wild plants, and plant families; her years of experience making herbal medicines; her reverence for the wisdom of the ancients; and her belief that we all have access to the healing wisdom of the plant world simply by virtue of the fact that we are alive and share consciousness with all life.

What our students are saying:

headshot of Jasmine Bright in black shirt wearing a red headband

"My time at Sacred Journey School of Herbalism couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I was going through a period of intense change and transformation. Ginger, and my fellow classmates, created a safe space of support and encouragement while introducing me to herbal medicine that helped gently guide, enlighten, and enliven my mind, body, and soul. While I'm unsure of how my journey with plant medicine will continue to unfold, I am grateful to have had such a beautiful introduction from such an amazing human."

-Jasmine Bright, Foundations of Herbalism graduate 2020

Amber Herndon
"Sacred Journey School of Herbalism has enhanced and transformed my life for the better in so many ways. It has brought the most beautiful mindset shift, and way of looking at life, that has really saved me from darker times. Ginger and Lauren’s teachings and all the community support has brought me better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health! I started the school in 2019, and I am so thankful that everything was switched to online, and Ginger continued her wisdom through the pandemic. Having the class to come to, talking about health and having a perspective of getting through something really hard with the help of community, was something I had not experienced, and I value that so much! That to me, besides all the life saving herbal knowledge, the community of people and plants around that truly just want to help each other be better and grow is the best part!"

- Amber Herndon, Foundations of Herbalism graduate 2020

I knew from the initial open house and meeting Ginger Webb that enrolling in Foundations of Herbalism was exactly what I needed to do. Since starting the course Sept 2017, I have been introduced to so many more plants than I knew existed and have learned many ways to use them to benefit our health needs. It has been more than just learning about plants and what their uses’s a way of life, an awakening, and an extremely enlightening experience. 

Ginger teaches in such a functional way that explains how the body works and what benefits each herb can give to our body and our everyday lives. She also has created this beautiful herbal community that promotes working together and supporting each other as we are all learning daily. 

I am so grateful that I was a part of the Sacred Journey School of Herbalism class. Meeting all the wonderful people involved has created an herbal family that I can converse with for years to come."

-Sandi Shahan, Foundations of Herbalism graduate 2018

Kristen Moreno

“I've had an innate love for plants and the natural world my entire life. When I finally built up the courage and saved the money to go to herb school, I knew my life would be changed forever, in the most wonderful and meaningful way. Foundations of Herbalism guided by Ginger was such a meaningful, informative and inspiring course, a well-rounded combination of scientific knowledge and intuitive connection. I truly hope to spend my life learning about herbs and the countless gifts they offer and to continue deepening my connection to the natural world. This course was a wonderful way for me to begin that journey. I couldn't recommend it more!”

-Kristen Moreno, Foundations of Herbalism graduate 2020

headshot of Kim Edison wearing straw hat

"Foundations of Herbalism for me was about following my curiosity and interest. Never would I have imagined that studying herbalism was an invitation for me to become more rooted in myself and my culture. I’ve committed myself to pursuing my ancestry. Also, the more mindful I am, the more I see and hear from the plants. I feel incredibly fortunate for the opportunity to learn from Ginger and Lauren. They generously share their deep knowledge and experience. It’s their stewardship that has influenced me the most and will live on in me forever. The apprentices, guest instructors and others who were part of the enormous effort to guide us, were all wonderful; a reflection of who Ginger and Lauren are. Personally, I think they both have a secret agenda to change the world by teaching as many people as possible, so more folks come home to themselves and nature. I’ll help in any way that I can."

-Kim Edison, Foundations of Herbalism graduate 2022

shaina rico

“Truly such a healing space you create, Ginger. Wow. You and your school create the space for deep, personal and collective level healing. THIS is what it looks like to weave new stories and new ways of being. This is the kind of healing that changes the fabric of our world.”

-Shaina Rico, Foundations of Herbalism graduate 2022

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