Herbal Medicine Making Classes in Austin, Texas

You can make herbal medicine at home without a lot of exotic ingredients and fancy tools!

Kitchen Witchery 101 is the place to get a taste for what herbal medicine making is all about and gain excellent skills in a wide range of herbal preparations.

Join us for a weekend exploring 6 types of herbal preparations, including the reasons why we utilize each and how to prepare them. You'll leave feeling empowered to create and experiment with making your own plant medicines at home for yourself, your family and beyond. Each day includes instructions, demonstrations, recipes and 4-6 herbal goodies to take home. Kitchen Witchery is designed for folks with zero herbal experience and those with some medicine-making experience looking to dive deeper and learn new techniques. All are welcome!

Learn 6 simple herbal preparations you can make in your home kitchen:

  • Herbal Teas: Brew and blend your own tasty & therapeutic herbal teas.
  • Herbal Vinegars, Shrubs and Oxymels: Extract herbs for alcohol-free medicine, food, and refreshing drinks.
  • Tinctures, Cordials and Elixirs: Create and formulate custom extracts from fresh or dry plants.
  • Syrups: Simmer and preserve sweet medicines.
  • Honeys: Preserve aromatics and create delicious medicines.
  • Infused Oils and Salves: Infuse oils for body care and topical medicinal use.

Are you ready to move beyond teas and tinctures?

Our Kitchen Witchery classes are a great way to begin your herbal journey or learn new ways to incorporate herbs into your everyday life!

Over the course of a weekend, we will explore six unique topics on herbal preparations, focusing on moving beyond "medicine" to partnering with herbs in more aspects of our daily lives. Each day we will make 4-6 handmade herbal goodies together for students to take home. You'll leave feeling inspired and empowered to work with plants in new ways!

This course is open to anyone interested in learning about herbs- no previous experience necessary.

Learn 6 new ways to work with herbs at home:

  • Herbal Kombucha: Brew your own kombucha and infuse it with herbs and fruits.
  • Spice & Cooking Blends: Work with local & readily available herbs to make custom spice, soup & bouillon blends.
  • Cleaning with herbs: Make affordable and non-toxic herbal cleaning products for all areas of your home.
  • Kid Friendly Herbal Remedies: Learn to make herbal gummies and other effective alcohol-free remedies.
  • Herbal Baths: Take herbs into the tub for relaxation and healing.
  • Body Creams & Oils: Move beyond salves into making luxurious herb-infused body butters and creams.

Kitchen Witchery:
Beyond the Basics

WHEN: June 8th & 9th, 2024

TIME: 10am - 4pm


American Botanical Council
6200 Manor Road, Austin, TX 78723 (see map)


  • Full Payment $345.
  • Early Bird price of $295 through May 18th using the coupon code EARLYBEYOND.
    *code must be entered at checkout to receive discount

Kitchen Witchery 101

WHEN: Jan 2025 (dates TBD- will take place over two days- Sat & Sun)

TIME: 10am - 4pm


American Botanical Council
6200 Manor Road, Austin, TX 78723 (see map)


  • Full Payment $345.
  • Early Bird price of $295 through Dec 31st
Home herbal medicine making with Kitchen Witchery
Lauren Peterson with nature backdrop

TAUGHT BY: Lauren Peterson

This class is taught by local herbalist Lauren Peterson, a Juniper-lover, Sacred Journey School of Herbalism graduate, and owner of White Deer Apothecary.

Lauren's passion for plants grew from her desire to deepen her connection with the natural world and nurture relationships that allow healing to take place. Her favorite places to be are outdoors, in the kitchen, and on the dance floor.

What our students are saying:

mortar and pestle line drawing
"My wife and I took this class with some excitement but with a huge amount of curiosity, not sure what we were getting in to. We were blown away by not only what Lauren taught is in class, but how much we can do, at home, to continue the herbal practice right in our own kitchen. A couple of key points of praise for this class — First, Lauren is a great instructor and full of energy and passion about herbal living. She keeps things simple, fun and very interesting. Second, you will be amazed at how much you learn about the plants (yes, even weeds) in your own yard or neighborhood that you can take in or grow and make some amazing tinctures, concoctions, potions (yeah I said it) etc. that are incredible for enhancing your cooking, as well as improving your overall health.

-John McGimsey

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"I just wanted to thank you personally for such beautifully curated class offerings. From the content to the teachings, to the all of the fun and materials. I'm truly grateful. I wasn't kidding when I said just how much you've inspired me. I'm experimenting with all sorts of herbs, growing and using them in all sorts of ways."

-Barb Brejot

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"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Kitchen Witchery course. I learned SO much from you, and the medicines we made and took home are awesome! My daughter had a little rash on her hand and the plantain salve cleared that up in 2 days. There was so much technique and so much information on why you might choose certain herbs that I really felt like it was a great starting point for playing around on my own. I can't wait to make/do more!"


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"I truly cannot find enough positive things to say about Sacred Journey School of Herbalism. My entry to plant medicine was totally accidental. I was new to Austin after spending 10 years in Chicago where I felt totally disconnected from nature. My life was constantly on the go and I could feel that intensity and anxiety throughout my whole body.

Moving to Texas was an intentional step toward slowing down and I signed up for Kitchen Witchery because the name sounded cool and I thought I'd met some interesting humans. Fast forward to 2021 and I've completed Village Herbalist, Kitchen Witchery 1 & 2 (twice!) and now Level 1. What I love about these programs is that they truly feel like an act of remembering - how to listen, how to look beyond the surface, how to move at the pace of intentionality and curiosity.

Becoming a plant person has been such an opening to me - a melting into what I know is true: we belong to the earth and to each other....that we aren't meant to "use" anything but to be in right relationship with the earth, our plant allies and our community. Ginger and Lauren make this message front and center of every program: how we are matters, and we're never really alone."

-Abbey Fox


Deposits and class payments are non-refundable, but may be used toward future classes within a one year period if you contact us to withdraw at least 2 weeks BEFORE the class begins. If you withdraw after this time period, all payments made are not refundable or transferrable AND your full balance is still due if your payment plan is not complete. Please understand that your tuition pays for a seat during this session and that is why we have to stick to this policy.

If you have to miss classes, we will work with you to help you make up the material. We know that circumstances change and life challenges come up, but we cannot make exceptions. You are welcome to give your seat in class to a friend if you cannot attend. Please read our full Class Refund Policy.