Mexican Hat

Ratibida columnifera

Asteraceae (Aster Family)

Medicinal Minute with Ginger Webb

Medicinal Minute: Ratibida (aka Mexican Hat) (Ratibida columnifera)

A note from Ginger:

An abundant perennial, Mexican Hat grows big with lots of stalks, leaves, and flowering heads. While all parts are medicinal in their own way, we mainly want the root. I like to tincture it fresh and use it for its soporific or sleep-inducing properties. A perennial favorite!

Ginger Webb Community Herbalist & Mentor

Ginger Webb, Community Herbalist, Botanist, Teacher & Mentor

Ginger Webb has been practicing herbalism for nearly 30 years, as a community herbalist, clinical herbalist, herbal medicine maker, wild plant lover, botanist, and teacher. She has trained scores of people to be herbalists through her programs at Sacred Journey School of Herbalism.

Her mission is to keep alive the craft of herbalism through modeling the age-old wisdom of being in right relationship with the plants, and she teaches her students to be stewards of the Earth and the plants first, and to make medicine only when the plants wholeheartedly provide consent.