“Herbalism isn’t just for herbalists, y’all! The Foundations class is for everyone who’s interested in plants and people and our various relationships. I’m an archaeologist by trade, and understanding ancient medicines from bits of plants left on archaeological sites is difficult, to say the least. I joined the 2019-2020 Foundations class to learn more about medicinal uses of plants and get hands-on experience making and using plant remedies. I did get all that — but it wasn’t nearly the most important part of the experience. You can buy books that list medicinal uses for each plant in your area, and you can watch YouTube videos that teach how to make elderberry syrup and other medicinals. In herbalism class, I learned attitudes towards plants and how to think about wellness and healing through the lens of traditions from all over the world, ineffables that can only be transmitted by sharing, feeling, and doing. I heard stories of illness and transformation and watched my new “herbie” friends find their plant allies in real time. It’s a journey I treasure and look forward to continuing.”
Leslie Bush, Level 1 2019-20
“When I step into the woods now, there are so many “friends” around me…the junipers, cleavers, henbit, beautyberry all say hello. My kitchen is also transformed; not a day goes by without making an incredible herbal superinfusion or a new fermented treat, from sauerkraut to kimchi to coconut milk kefir. (What a treat to learn the art of fermenting on a weekend class!) This program has enriched and changed my life in so many unexpected ways. It’s so much more than learning about plants and herbs—it’s a whole new way of living and being in the world.”
Lindsay DiGianvittorio, Level 1 2020-21

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